The Engage programme is a series of sports activities introduced by University of Nottingham Sport to widen the scope of sports clubs to novices. Engage sessions are open to all students at the University of Nottingham, and are a great way to get into a new sport. Membership of the club is not required for Engage activities, as they are a great way for us to reach out to those who have never tried athletics before.

The Athletics Club offers two Engage activites as part of the programme: a weekly Couch-to-5K session, and a social run.


Every Wednesday, we hold a Couch-to-5K session at 15:00 outside the Portland Building on University Park. Couch-to-5K is a beginners programme which introduces people who want to start running over a series of weeks. These activities are completely free and open for anyone and everyone to attend, and are a great way to get fit, make new friends, and relax from the stresses of uni life.

Over a period of 10 weeks, the Couch-to-5K programme has a variety of fun student-led sessions, building from complete beginner (walk/jog sessions) to being able to finish a 5K without stopping. This is a great way for novices to get into shape and try out running in the company of others trying to do the same and under the supervision of elite and semi-elite athletes to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Social Run

Every Tuesday, we have a 3 mile (5K) social run taking place at 18:00 from the steps of the Portland Building. These are relaxed runs with the club, and are a great way to get to know each other. The route varies slightly from week to week, especially depending on the weather and time of year, but generally heads out to, and through, Wollaton Park, before returning to University Park. We also have a 5 mile run at the same time for runners comfortable with longer distances, which follows mostly the same route, so runners of all abilities are welcome!

In addition to this, our Monday and Wednesday Distance training sessions are also suitable for all abilities, and we encourage anyone who wants to get even more involved in athletics to come along to these. These are usually good fun, and are the best attended of all of the training sessions.