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Lee Taylor, 2017-08-12

Welcome to the brand new home of the University of Nottingham Athletics Club!

For those who don't know, Dan Leng asked me to create a new website for the club at the end of July, as a place to collect all of our race reports, PBs, training things and pretty much everything you could imagine. Because I have no life, I accepted, and now, 200 hours of work later, here we are!

This new website is not entirely finished, as you will find when you click on the "Athletes" tab. Some of the things we want to do won't be possible until people start coming back to Nottingham, so you'll have to sit tight for now. We'll let you know when we get that ready, although (sneak preview) I need to borrow EVERYONE in the club at some point for about half an hour each once you come back to Nottingham. We have BIG plans for this section of the page, and right now we intend to keep it a (very badly kept) secret!

Right now, the website is in a sort of "life-support" mode. This means that every little change that appears on the website, including these articles, has to be done manually by me in SQL injection and all sorts of horrible things have to happen to get it to work. That won't do long term, so I'm gonna make an Admin section to the website to let approved users sign in and submit and edit things, so that I can pass off all of the hard work I have to do to other people and I can go back to my own boring life. That's in the works already, but it's stupidly complicated and may take some time. (Ever wonder why websites cost so much to make bespoke? It's because EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING needs to be molly-coddled and written perfectly and it takes FOREVER!)

In addition to this, we're also gonna look at making a separate microsite for the Ed Prickett Relays, as opposed to the page they are currently on. This means a lot of extra work, so I'm not gonna do that until this one is perfect, but hopefully it should all be ready in time for the actual event (which would be nice, ya know!).

In the meantime, enjoy your new website!


End-of-Year Message

Jack Millar, 2017-06-23

So that's it! As the year comes to a close, I just want to thank you all for a fantastic time at UoN Athletics! There have been some brilliant performances and PBs throughout the year on the track, road and grass, and I'm proud to see the improvements made by so many of you.

Well done for all the hard work put in at training - all the hours spent putting the miles in on the road (Daniel Leng, Chloe Bird), at the track (Ailsa Malcolm, Nick Lawrence - when your calf permits), in the pool (Adam Thorpe, Will Morris), at the gym (Pierre Celestin Walker), in the library (Vincent Ly) or in Crisis (Jack Allison, Daniel Cresswell, Bruce Beckett), it's great to see the hard work paying off!

But seriously, it has been a pleasure to share this year with you all - a top year with great people that I will not forget! A special big thanks to everyone on committee this year - you have all put in a big shift for the club, and I am very grateful for that. Best of luck to you all for next year, and whether you are staying with the club or moving on, please keep up the training! Those staying, I know that you have a lot to look forward to next year, and will be in safe hands with the new committee.

I look forward to seeing you all again at some point in the future (likely either at a race, or (more likely) at a social when I inevitably get bored of post-Nottingham life). I hope you all enjoy your summers, and come back ready to smash it again next year!

Pres Love

Jack xxx

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